Bitzee: A New kiddywampus Favorite!

Bitzee: A New kiddywampus Favorite!

Bitzee: A New kiddywampus Favorite!

Hello, kiddywampus friends!

We’re so excited to finally launch one of our most anticipated products of 2023 - Bitzee!

If you’re familiar with the Tamagotchi or Gigapets, you’re already pretty familiar with how Bitzee functions! Where Bitzee differs (and improves on its predecessors), is in the details. Whereas in past virtual pet games, you could only have one pet, and 2-3 activities, with the Bitzee, you can touch your pet, unlock up to 15 pets in total, and play a metric boatload of games. 


As you play with your Bitzee, it will grow up. Pets grow up in stages, starting as a baby, then growing into an adult, and then finally, they reach Super Bitzee status! Pets can be obtained by feeding them specific treats that you unlock by playing.

How many total pets does Bitzee have?

There are 15 total pets in the game, including the following:

Common: Dog, Bunny, Bird, Turtle, Snail, Cat, Clownfish, Gecko, Hedgehog, Mouse

Rare: Butterfly, Poodle, Chameleon

Legendary: Mercat (a half mermaid/half cat combo creature), and a Unicorn

So far, our favorite pets have been the Turtle, the Butterfly, and the Mercat! So adorable!


You may be asking, “How do you touch a virtual pet?’ and that is a very fair question! Bitzee works by flipping a thin strip of lights up and down incredibly quickly to project an image in the air. It’s a really cool concept, and is executed wonderfully within the final product! You can “touch” the Bitzee by tapping the top of the light strip, and the pet will respond and act accordingly! Pretty cool!


Each Bitzee has a specific game that unlocks when you obtain a new pet - meaning that there are 15 games total to play! So far, we’ve really been into Rocket Pup, which is a similar game to Flappy Bird, for those who remember that 2013 throwback. Hedgehog gymnast is also pretty fun, and showcases the capabilities of the box well. To control the games, you either touch the control pad in front of the Bitzee, or, for some, you can also move the entire box in certain directions. 

All Bitzee Game Names

Rocket Pup

Hedgehog Gymnast 

Clownfish Surfer

Rabbit Magician

Snail Racer

Poodle Fashionista

Turtle Boarder

Butterfly Gardener

Budgie Rockstar

Mouse Chef

Chameleon Artist

Gecko Superhero

Mer-Cat Pirate

Cat Dancer

Unicorn Party Animal 

Does Bitzee Run on Batteries?

Bitzee takes three AA batteries.

Test it out at your local kiddywampus!

If you’re interested in trying out the Bitzee for yourself, don’t hesitate to stop in at kiddywampus Hopkins or Chanhassen to test out our Bitzee demos! Our experienced staff would be thrilled to answer any questions you may have. Looking to buy online? Find Bitzee here!