It’s a Stampede! 2023 Schleich Figures Have Arrived!

It’s a Stampede! 2023 Schleich Figures Have Arrived!

It’s a Stampede! 2023 Schleich Figures Have Arrived!

Hello, kiddywampus friends! This week, we’ve received a very exciting shipment from one of our favorite brands - Schleich! 

Schleich is a German company founded in 1935 that creates extremely realistic figures based on many real, and some not so real animals. Wild creatures from just about everywhere on the planet are represented - from Aardvarks to Zebras, and everything in between. Most Schleich toys are best for kids aged 3-8 years old

Schleich’s main lines include Horse Club, Wild Animals, Farm World, Bayala, Dinosaurs, and Eldrador. While many of the line names are self-explanatory, Bayala and Eldrador may be a little less clear.

Bayala is a colorful world filled with magic, fairies, unicorns, and plenty of sparkles. Schleich releases many elegant creatures in this line, along with playsets and accessories.

Eldrador is a mythical land, filled with dragons, elemental protectors, and fiery beasts. Eldrador’s figures often stand tall over their other offerings, with new beasts released nearly!

With this many choices in figures, any young adventurer has plenty of opportunities to feature whichever kind of creatures they want in their journey.

Now - let’s get into the new releases!

The Wild Cards!

One thing that we absolutely love about Schleich is their tendency to produce figures of some of the less common animals. For example, they’ve finally made an Aardvark - long snout and all! We’ve also got their new Harpy Eagle, which in real life is the heaviest and longest eagle.

Another favorite new release of ours is the Blue Poison Dart Frog figure - which is one of the most poisonous species on the Earth! Luckily, the Schleich version is 100% safe to touch and play with to your heart’s content! Other super cool and rare creatures we’ve received this week are a rhinoceros baby, an otter, and a chameleon!!

Turtle Time!

The only Bayala series figure that was released this January was the Pink Sapphire Turtle! With its super cute eyelashes and hand painted sparkly details, it’s a definite hit for any Bayala fan. 

Meow-some Cats!

For all of you cat crazy, feline fanatics out there - we’ve got a few things right up your alley! New from Schleich, the Caracal Female and Caracal Cub figures are as adorable as ever. They’ve also released an Abyssinian Cat, which looks extremely pettable. Saving the cutest for last, we’ve also received a super fuzzy looking Cheetah Cub to go with the previously released Cheetah figures.

Along with some cats, we’ve also got some brand new dogs in stock! The Great Dane, which stands tall over other dog figures they’ve released in the past, is an intimidating addition to any animal collection! Funnily enough, the other dog we’ve received at the beginning of this awesome year of Schleich is the Bichon Frise, which is of course one of the smaller breeds out there.

Reining It In!

For any equestrians interested - we now have a whole lot of new stallions, foals, mares, and even a donkey in stock!

The Selle Francais breed, an athletic horse whose name literally translates to “French Saddle Horse”, is now fully represented in the Schleich line with a stallion, a mare, and a foal! Schleich definitely wasn’t horsing around this year!

Also newly available are the Haflinger mare and foal with their beautiful chestnut coats, as well as the elegant Peruvian Paso mare and foal. Additionally released this January are my personal favorites, the bold Norkier Stallion, as well as the absolutely adorable American Spotted Donkey. Schliech definitely didn’t neigh-glect their horse fans with these releases.

Not leaving the farm just yet, the Galloway Calf and Valais Black-Nosed Sheep are another two adorable additions to any farm scene! 

Dangerous Dinos!

ROAAAAR! Oh! Excuse me! I had something in my throat! Schleich has really done some fantastic work choosing some extremely unique dinosaurs for their latest releases.

For example - the Gallimimus - a chicken-like dinosaur that many people haven’t heard of previously, is represented with some of the greatest sculpting in recent Schleich history. The same can be said for the Gastonia - which has absolutely beautiful scale work, wonderfully complimented by a light wash of gray paint to bring out the details. 

At first glance, you may mistake the new Tarbosaurus figure for the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it’s actually its own separate creature! There are many theories about why the two look so similar. One is that the Tarbosaurus’ that got stuck in North America evolved to become the T. Rex that we know and love! 


As you can see, Schleich has had some really amazing releases to start the year. They’ve covered a lot of ground, releasing some of the most unique products and sculpts we’ve seen in a while, and we’re very much excited to see what else is released this year. 

Schleich Club!

While you’re getting ready for your next safari, be sure to sign up for our Schleich Animal club on your next visit to kiddywampus and receive 50% off of every sixth Schleich Animal you purchase*! Just ask for a punch card at the counter!

*Schleich animals only, excludes box sets, in-store only program




“Are these all of the Schleich releases for the year?”

Nope! Luckily this is just the beginning of what will be another awesome year with Schleich!


“Where is Schleich based?”

Schleich as a company is based out of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, and has been in business since 1935.


“How do I clean my Schleich toys?”

Schleich recommends cleaning their figures with “clear water and a mild detergent” and to gently lather them with your hands


All of these creatures and more are available for purchase on the kiddywampus shop!