Magical: Big Gem Diamond Painting.

Type: Kits
Add sparkling dimension to your traditional coloring and painting crafts with Big Gem Diamond Painting Magical! This kit introduces the joy of diamond painting to children in a magical and straightforward way with large sparkling gems, an easy-to-use stylus, and adorable magical images for them to proudly create and display their own diamond art. Enjoy two diamond painting activities inspired by their favorite magical creatures with 12 holographic stickers with printed dots for guided gem placement and two sun catchers with an open-ended design for children to use their imagination. Big Gem Diamond Painting makes diamond painting for kids easy with a no glue, no mess 3 step process: peel, pick up, and place! The fun is not over when the craft is complete! Stick your sparkling magical creature stickers to your favorite accessories such as a journal, pencil case, bookmark, and so much more. Display your suncatchers on a window to show off their shine with the provided suction cups or set them up on the provided suncatcher stands. The Big Gem Diamond Painting Magical kit includes mythical designs of horned creatures such as a unicorn, cat, panda, seahorse, dragon and lamb with rainbows, a diamond, wand, and treats of ice cream and a strawberry.