Vapor: Shashibo


Unlock the mystery of Shashibo! Each Shashibo is 2.4" when in its original cube form. As you transform it from shape to shape to explore the 70+ shapes each cube can make, it expands and becomes bigger. If you collect & connect more than one Shashibo, the overall structure becomes even larger! 

All Shashibo are made out from 100% recycled ABS injection mold plastic, tear-resistant stickers, and have 36 internal rare earth magnets enclosed within each cube! Both the ABS plastic and rare earth magnets are recyclable at the end of their life!

- Transforms into over 70 geometric shapes 

- Each Shashibo has 4 art designs: the outer design & 3 inner designs 

- Size: 2.4 inch cube

- High quality injection mold 

- Ages 7+