Shashibo and Cubendi mystery puzzle cubes

Cubendi VS Shashibo: Which is the BEST puzzle cube?

Cubendi VS Shashibo: Which is the BEST puzzle cube?

What are Cubendi and Shashibo?

Cubendi and Shashibo are two super awesome magnetic puzzle cubes from Fun in Motion toys. The cubes aren’t just children’s toys either - they’re very popular for adults looking for a fun desk toy or something to fidget with while watching TV.

The main differences between Cubendi and Shashibo

While the two fidget cubes may seem similar at first glance, they're actually quite different! 

The Power of Magnets

Cubendi has a different magnetic array than Shashibo, leading to the cube shifting much more easily. Shashibo features 36 rare earth magnets, while Cubendi features 48!

Due to the different arrays, Cubendi can combine and still move at the same time, whereas combined Shashibo are much more sculpture-like. Unfortunately, the two different puzzle cubes can’t combine magnetically.

Psychedelic Designs!

The design styles also differ. The Shashibo cubes currently come in 19 different colors and patterns - including four Grateful Dead collaboration styles for all of you Deadheads out there! Some of the patterns available are holographic, and they make for a super cool visual. Shashibo also has an “Artist Series” with designs from artists from all over the world, such as Laurence Gartel, the “father” of digital art.


mystic ocean shashibo puzzle cube, designed by Laurence Gartel


"Mystic Ocean" Shashibo, designed by Laurence Gartel


Jungle shashibo cube, mystery puzzle cube


"Jungle" Shashibo, which features many animal designs on its inside pattern

Due to Cubendi being a relatively new addition to Fun In Motion’s product line, the Cubendi doesn’t have many colors available as of yet. Currently, Cubendi comes in three color patterns  - “scribble”, which is purple and orange, “twist”, which is orangey-red and turquoise, and “ring”, which is green and purple.


Scribble Cubendi puzzle cube, cubendi puzzle cube


"Scribble" Cubendi, along with the full series

The design aesthetics differ between the two cube types, with the major difference being that the Shashibo lean more towards “psychedelic” designs, and the Cubendi leans more towards a more watercolor-style design. Both cubes feature internal and external designs.

The Similarities

The two cubes share the same dimensions, and interestingly, both share a total of 48 planes.  They’re also both recommended for ages 8 and up and are super popular with both tweens AND adults.

Is one better than the other?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. 

The Shashibo is a really fun puzzle experience that has a crazy amount of shapes to form, and stands out fantastically as a piece (or combined pieces) of art on a desk.

The Cubendi is more geared towards a more exploratory fidget experience, and is constantly flowing, even with multiple Cubendi combined. 

Ultimately, it comes down to how you prefer to fidget!

Both Cubendi and Shashibo are available at the kiddywampus site and in-store, along with plenty more fun!


“Is there a list of every shape you can make included?”

Included in the boxes of both Cubendi and Shashibo are instruction manuals that demonstrate how to construct a few shapes - but most importantly, they show a link to download the Fun In Motion Toys App, which has videos on how to make every shape available!

“Why can’t Shashibo and Cubendi combine?”

Unfortunately, the two cubes have their magnets in different spots, which means that even if the shapes may line up, they won’t necessarily be magnetically attracted to each other.

“Will the magnets on the cubes come loose?”

Nope! They’re super securely fastened into the plastic, and are also sealed under the pattern on the cube itself.