Three GigaPets toys, T. Rex, Puppy, and Unicorn

GigaPets are BACK!

GigaPets are BACK!


Imagine if you will… the year is 1997 and you just got off the school bus. Walking up the leaf-covered sidewalk and inside your home, you turn down the radio playing the Backstreet Boys’ newest hit as you turn the TV on and tune in to watch Friends. As you relax on the couch, drinking Surge, a beep on your wallet chain goes off - it’s your Giga Pet! 

Now - stop imagining, because the 90’s classic - Giga Pets - are back! Recommended for ages 5 and up, they’re still a fantastic introductory toy for higher responsibility concepts.

A New Take on a Classic! 

Giga Pets has been updated by the original game designers for a more modern gameplay approach. Many users of Giga Pets in the 90’s can attest to how difficult the original game could be. Luckily, after the redesign, it is much easier to take care of your pocket sized friend. 

Take care of your pet in a bunch of different game modes. The goal is to maintain each of your pet’s health meters in order to keep them happy and healthy. The better shape your pet is in, the better score you receive! To check the score and what your pet needs, you simply check the game’s “heart” menu. 

Our Experience

Here at the ‘wamp, our pet was named, maybe unsurprisingly, Wampy! 

Initially, as somebody who had never played with a Giga Pet or Tamogachi, I was familiar with the concept, but started off a little puzzled as to how the game actually worked! Luckily, the direction pamphlet included is pretty straightforward, and provided me lots of clear instruction for keeping my pet healthy. On day two, or the second “giga-year” of our pet’s life, her satisfaction was at 100 (the maximum!), and she had even grown some wings! 

Helpful Tips!

  • Make sure you pay attention to the blinking menu items - when they blink, that’s an indication that the menu item needs attention.
  • Clean up after your Giga Pet! If your pet leaves a poo in their enclosure, be sure to click the shower button to clean up their home.
  • Let your pet sleep! Typically, your pet will go to bed around 9:30pm and sleep until 7:00am. We all need beauty sleep, and so does your pet! If you bug your pet while it’s sleeping, it may get a little crabby!

kiddywampus has three absolutely awesome Giga Pet styles in stock both in-store and online - a very unique Unicorn, a terrifying T-Rex, and a precious Puppy! Come in and adopt your personal pocket pet today!